The Management Team of the International Secretariat is an important group of people who together with the Senior Leadership Team, provide strategic direction, operational management and support to staff and volunteers. In addition they work closely with the directors of Amnesty International’s international chapters.

Amnesty International is going through a period of great change as we continue the process of transforming into a truly global movement for human rights.

In this context our leaders have to balance competing demands, and develop strategies that enable their teams to cope with the exigencies of complex and difficult external environments.

Our leaders need to demonstrate an unusually broad range of competencies to handle the demands of competing stakeholders and the pace of organisational change.

We look for people who have the ability to communicate vision or strategy, inspire teams, motivate individuals and identify opportunities to initiate new ways of working. In addition it is important that leaders can champion change, are self-aware and promote behaviour and attitudes that are in line with our values.