Our Senior Leadership Team have recently designed an overarching set of Values that they are modelling and leading the organisation in adopting; these values will see us being:


AUDACIOUS: We are imbued with a sense of hope, urgency, ambition and daring that drives us to take risks and to seek creative solutions that make Amnesty International ever more relevant and responsive to human rights concerns.

RIGOROUS: We aim to get things right first time, achieving standards of excellence and maximising our human rights impact, through processes that are effective and build confidence that our work and analysis is credible, politically astute and worth promoting.


CHALLENGING: We support the right to challenge and are willing to question decisions, behaviours, and laws in the interests of achieving positive change externally and internally.

RESPECTFUL: We value the opinions, professional expertise and diversity that we bring to the workplace, treating each other with respect, dignity and common courtesy regardless of background, lifestyle or position. We are collegial and authentic in our dealings with each other.


AGILE: We are nimble, flexible and creative in the face of challenge. We make speedy decisions and deliver quickly and effectively. We cut incisively through complex and challenging issues. We grasp opportunities and demonstrate a bias for action which is tempered by rigour.

ACCOUNTABLE: We confidently and transparently assess our performance and proactively pursue a results-driven culture. We own accountability both as a concept and as a mind-set in order to maximise the impact of our human rights work and to manage our resources responsibly. We demonstrate cabinet responsibility.

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